Crisis Management Planning  Services 

What We Can Provide

  • Organizational assessments.
  • Development of operational plans to drive an organization forward.  
  • On-site consultation and leadership coaching. 
  • Risk assessment completed for the community, business or event.
  • Review of the current “threats” in the region which might have an impact on your operation.
  • Development of COVID operational plans in compliance with the latest CDC and OSHA requirements.  
  • Development of business disaster preparedness plans. 
  • Tactical/ emergency preparedness plans based on the risk assessment focused on emergency response actions for crisis management operations.
  • Emergency plan coordination with local public safety officials.
  • Training/ table top exercises to test the operational plan for revision.
  • Coordination center/ critical information coordination & operational support.

Years Of Experience

  • Experienced professionals with 30+ years of emergency operations background.
  • Large Scale FEMA Type I disaster Incident Management Team response.
  • Business emergency planning.
  • COVID operational planning and policy recommendations for business continuity built form the ground up.
  • Tactical planning/ operations for professional sporting events and championships.
  • Large international artists concerts.
  • Hospitality/ entertainment events.
  • Large gaming venues.
  • Corporate Events.

Return On Investment

  • Improved mission delivery.
  • Coaching for current or future organizational personnel. 
  • offset costs of having a full-time crisis management staff.
  • Plug and play with planning, training and operational support.
  • You make the decisions, we give you the recommendations of future pitfalls based on previous experiences.

Our Client List

We maintain strict confidentiality regarding the identities of the clients we have collaborated with over the years, acknowledging the sensitivity of the work provided and respecting the intricacies of their operations. Our clientele spans a diverse range, encompassing Fortune 500 companies, counties, cities, professional sports venues, concert venues, large hospital systems, educational institutions, public safety agencies, and Tribal Nations, reflecting the breadth of our expertise and adaptability across various sectors and scales.

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