About Us


Our commitment to our clients is to be honest.  High performing teams are transparent in their strengths as well as weaknesses.


Respect is at the core of any team.  Our clients will be treated with a high level respect as they are the ones making the final decisions.


Guided in doing what is in the best interest of the client and focused on bringing a team together.

About TaskForce Strategies

TaskForce Strategies parent company is Carlson Hayes Group, LLC founded in 2010 with the mission of providing disaster planning and training within Public Safety.

TaskForce Strategies was established with a broader mission to fill a gap of disaster preparedness planning to venues such as business, sporting, entertainment, etc.  Additionally, helping clients monitor COVID trends to make critical business decisions to help prevent the spread.      

Our approach involves matching an experienced professional in your subject matter to help coach your team around the pitfalls of simple to complex disaster planing as well as crisis management.  The focus is to give you tools based on our experiences so you can see success.  Best of all, we want none of the credit.

Greg Hayes- Founder of TaskForce Strategies

The other partners in TaskForce Strategies are former collegiate as well as professional athletes, business owners, and highly respected leaders.  They are all team oriented and have over 25 years of experiance.

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